The Unquiet Head

(To give you an idea of scale, the chap on the right is approx' 6'3" tall)

If you ever needed an excuse to visit the still-box-fresh Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield then this is it - the opening of the latest exhibition, 'The Unquiet Head' by Clare Woods.   
Oozing glossy colour, these large scale paintings were created in response to both the size of the space at the Hepworth and Woods' reaction to the Yorkshire landscape at nearby Brimham where the rocks seem to take on a life of their own.  Feminine lilac pink nestles up to Francis Bacon orange, acid lime creeps next to sober deep navy - the colours zing and resonate in startling ways. It's not just the sheer size of some of these paintings that make you wonder if all is as it seems. Is a pair of eyes peering back at you from the rocks?

The real gem was the work in the middle of the three galleries; smaller paintings executed in oils on aluminium panels. The space here is deliberately darker, earthy, the paintings felt more intimate. The 'Idle Idols' series has an intensity of colour that make sthe back of your eyes sting.

Brimham rocks and the Yorkshire landscape have provided inspiration for many British artists including Barbara Hepworth herself, Graham Sutherland and Paul Nash. It was therefore fitting that Woods was allowed to pick a selection of work from these artists to hang in the small entrance gallery to her exhibition.   

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'The Unquiet Head' runs until 29th January 2012