'The Dark Monarch' at Tate St Ives ...

...'Magic & Modernity in Modern Art'

Whoo hoo...this looks like a jolly interesting exhibition for Tate St Ives to reopen it's doors with this Autumn, running from 10.10.09 - 10.01.10. The exhibition explores folklore, mythology and mysticism in the development of British art, concentrating on works from the twentieth century to present day.

"Exploring the tension between progressive modernity and romantic knowledge, the show will focus on the way the British landscape is encoded with various histories - geological, mythical and magical. "

It will include work by Barbara Hepworth, John Piper, Graham Sutherland and Paul Nash to pieces by more modern day artists such Damien Hirst, Clare Woods & Eva Rothschild.What a great excuse to visit St Ives. Will post more on this once I have got across to it. Alternatively, have a look at:

...Talking of Eva Rothschild, have you seen her amazing piece of sculpture currently installed at Tate Britain? The piece covers the entire length/space of the Duveen galleries and almost defys logic on how it got in there! I believe someone lost a piece of fingertip in the construction too. Ouch! Eva's piece will be on show until 29.11.09.