A Smattering of Shell Posters

I love looking at these and was very happy to be distracted from some research in order to do so once again ....The quality of the colours achieved in these c20th Shell posters are just fabulous, so too the execution of the line. Simply dee-lish-oous! Originally commissioned by Jack Beddington, these posters were used as advertising hoardings on the side of delivery lorries. Contributing artists included Paul Nash, Graham Sutherland, Stuart Hill & Ben Nicholson to name but a handful. It would have been great to see them in action out & about on the British roads, bringing cheer on a dull, damp October day.

There is a marvellous collection of vintage posters for sale at http://www.booksandthings.co.uk/posters.php Everything from Shell & London Underground posters to theatre bills and World War 1 propaganda. Very inspirational images.


Chrissie said…
I've always loved these posters - thanks for the link!