Thomas Traherne Windows at Hereford Cathedral

Whilst Hereford Cathedral is full of hidden gems, the one I'm going to highlight here are the set of four Tom Denny stained glass windows, made to commemorate the life of Thomas Traherne.

Traherne was born in Herefordshire and after returning from his studies at Oxford, became a rector in the Herefordshire parish of Credenhill. Little of his poetry and writing was published during his lifetime but after a re-discovery in the C20th he is now seen as great example of C17th writing at it's best.

Tom Denny has used images or phrases from Traherne's writings to create the beautiful, and highly colourful, scenes depicted on these amazing pieces of glass. One of the things which I like about these windows are the sketchy, hand drawn quality - there's a lot of detail packed into them. They are placed in the tiny Audley Chapel, which heightens the feeling that you are uncovering a set of bright jewels, tucked away and delightful. The images here really don't do the windows any justice -you need to see them in person.

Tom Denny has also created work for Malvern Priory (huge window, again full of detail - including a stag!), Gloucestershire Cathedral and Tewkesbury Abbey.

Go along and see them if you get time over the Christmas break.