Nina Saunders at NewArtCentre

Above, 'Fox with Load' 2009

Grrrr! Doesn't look like I'll manage a trip to the NewArtCentre in Salisbury before this show ends which is disappointing - it looks very interesting. If you have never been to the gallery it is well worth a visit - a fabulous mix of great, modern architecture to house smaller pieces of work set amidst beautiful grounds, where the larger pieces are. Look out for the Antony Gormley men lurking in the woods...

Above, 'Forest' 2009

Back to Nina...Nina Saunders is London based but is originally from Denmark and trained at Central St Martin's College. The NewArtCentre is the first UK gallery to host Saunders latest show, 'Katy's Convoy', which runs until 31st January 2010.

'The taxidermied animals that populate this procession have been made yet stranger by Saunders who has seamlessly blended each creature to an item of benign household furniture. The animals are of the type that populate children's literature and folk tales, part of our collective imagination, harmless and yet casually hunted. Each item of furniture has been reupholstered in white but its structure has been undermined so that each appears disproportionate, uncomfortable but curiously mobile.'

Above, 'Tumbled Deer' 2009