London Zoo Guide 1955

I found this little treasure tucked among some yellowing tourist guide pamphlets which were about to be recycled. It gives a fascinating and very detailed account of what you'd find if you were to visit London Zoo in the mid-1950s. 

It has some great animal related advertisments in it, very evocative of the period...

Here's a little London Zoo fact for you. During the Second World War all of the animals (with the exception of the poisonous snakes) remained at London Zoo and were not evacuated as many had thought. The Zoologicial Gardens suffered considerably during the Blitz bombings resulting in many of the animals escaping (lions wandering Prince Albert Road- just imagine!) . However, all of the animals were recaptured and not a single one was harmed! Incredible.

Click on London Zoo If you'd like to compare the above guide with today's website of information!