Does Craft Matter?

 The 'Craft Matters' campaign was launched by The Craft Council in October 2009. According to research, the sale of craft contributes over £3 billion to the annual UK economy, not bad going in these cash strapped times!  An Arts Council England survey also revealed that in 2009, over 17% of the population took part in a craft activity.
The aim of the 'Craft Matters' campaign is to get supporters of contemporary craft to stand up & be counted by saying why craft matters to them. This in turn will strengthen national policy on developing craft education & funding. 
  If you'd like to find out more, and see your comments appear on the campaign website homepage, click here: Craft Matters

And if you are a fan of craft, the prestigious international craft fair, COLLECT, opens next month at the Saatchi Gallery, Kings Road, London, 14-17th May 2010


Murgatroyd said…
I've added my support...will you?