Museum of British Folklore Arrives at Port Elliott

The Port Elliott estate in St Germans, Cornwall, is playing host to the first of the Museum of British Folklore's mini-traveling exhibitions, until 30th July 2010. The exhibition is based around the Padstow May Day tradition and includes a replica of the old Oss mask. If you get a chance to go along you'll also witness a fine collection of Cornish corn dollies and a cabinet of cures & curiosities to help with maladies such as a broken heart!
For opening times & prices go to:
The old 'Oss' Mask worn on May Day
 Simon Costin is the man working hard to get the Museum of British Folklore off the ground. The Museum still doesn't have a permanent home to display it's wonderful artifacts so Simon has been doing the rounds in the MBF caravan each year at festivals and events to gather more interest, and hopefully sponsorship too. 
If you'd like to show your support and become a 'Friend' of the Museum, then go along to the MBF website for more details: 

Simon Costin in his resplendent hat outside the MBF caravan


felicity said…
I'm so glad I caught up on your site, I must go and have a look as it's just down the road from here.Is it the same simon costin who used to make unusual jewellery from bones and things? Fliss.
Murgatroyd said…
Hi Fliss,
I think that it might be. He also designs stage sets. You might be interested in the link below which tells you a bit more about him:
Please blog if you go to see the exhibition! :)
corncockle said…
Great write-up - thank you so much! (particularly as I made up all the Cornish corn dollies for Simon - wow, an honourable mention!!)
Murgatroyd said…
Hi Corncockle...please tell me more about what you do...can we see more of your work somewhere?