Stephen, meet Stephen

Stephen Tennant with 'Stephen Tennant' by Jacob Epstein, photographed by Cecil Beaton (c.1928)

Today's reading matter is, "The Contents of Wilsford Manor", Sotheby's Auction catalogue which accompanied the sale of said manor on 14th & 15th October 1987. A fascinating glimpse into the world (and furnishings) which Stephen Tennant and his high profile friends inhabited. From his collection of correspondence from Siegfried Sassoon to his Bendix washing machine, all was up for grabs to the right bidder. 
I wonder what became of Lot 319, Tennant's collection of soft toys including his beloved monkey in a French sailor's hat?

 Wilsford Manor


Sad to see a home, a life, being broken up.... toys are most likely in a dealers hands....not that thats so terrible.
Murgatroyd said…
Yes, this made me feel very saddened that within 7 months of Tennants death all of his possessions were being sold at auction. He had some amazing photo's taken by Cecil Beaton...