Life, but no longer as we know it

Part of the Rank Organisation's, Look at Life' series of featurette documentaries which were shown in the cinema before a main film during the 1960's.  This particular film is one of my favourites made all the more enjoyable by Sid James' narration. Look at the colours, the language, the rubbish on the street! 
Over 500 of such films were made, 54 of which have been included in a boxed set of DVD's released earlier this year on the theme of transport: 'Look at Life' Transport box set .

"Berwick Street...... I often pop down there when I'm looking for something in nylons." says Sid James


Comments,love the utube. I remember being in Petticoat Lane in the 60's when we had big beehive hairdos. My girlfriend and I were rummaging amongst the fabric remnants when the stall holder whispers loudly in my ear "Wan any lacquer luv?" "lacquer?"
"Yeah, you know, for yer barnett" makes spraying motions. I nod, whereupon he dives under the table and brings out what seemed like a 5 gallon drum "2 bob fer you dear" My friend and I could hardly carry it between us, it kept all my buddies and the office in hair lacquer for a year or more. Fell off the back of a lorry, I suppose.
Dudley Redhead said…
hey thanks for popping in to visit me.. nice to meet you.. great bit of footage. that would've taken me dad back..
Murgatroyd said…
Hi Dudley Redhead & welcome!I see that you're in Australia, is your dad a Brit?

Hee, hee, thanks for sharing that story Fabrique Fantastique. I see that even then you were on the lookout for great fabric. Erm, by the way, how's the barnet these days? Still in a 'hive?
Thank you so much for such a great post and the Youtube clip; I enjoyed watching it and you do blog about the same interests that I have, which is fab!

Sid James - Legend.
Will said…
'I bought a book once - used it to prop up a table that had one leg shorter than the others' God Bless Sid James. Wonderful film - thank you for sharing!