The Scrapbook of John A. Windle

I found this little piece of history tucked in a dirty cardboard box in a Monmouth junk shop. Look at that lettering on the cover. Initially I thought that it was a child's notebook, however, it is the scrapbook of an adult with some ecclectic interests.

I'd love to know who John A. Windle was and what motivated him to collect the newspaper items which he did. This slim, collapsing volume with rusting staples, includes pictures of priests and cardinals and clippings such as the tale of Max Wenner, the English businessman who 'fell out' of a plane crossing Belgium in 1937 (he fell through a faulty escape hatch in the floor). 
There are also several articles about the animals at London Zoo in the 1930's, such as the death of 64 year old 'Cocky' the popular sulphur-crested cocktoo and the arrival of the Zoo's first pair of silver foxes. There is also an intriguing 'agony aunt' piece in which help is sought for the unfortunate problem of laughing whenever bad news is given.  
Frustratingly, none of the articles are dated in the scrapbook and there are no references to which newspapers they were clipped from either. However, I can conclude that Mr Windle has an interest or connection with the Shropshire/Herefordshire area. 
A fascinating little find. I'm off to read a bit more... 


holly aka golly said…
That is a fascinating find. Doesn't it make you want to know more about him?
That is a fascinating find,as is the article about the woamn breathing through a silver tube - sounds a bit Tim Burton. Mind you, I could do with the advice about laughing when bad news is given - I always feel the need to smile at such times - very odd!