What the Folk Say

On the 'To Do' list this month, a visit to the latest exhibition at one of my favourite places, Compton Verney Museum. The 'What the Folk Say' exhibition began last month and goes on until 12th December 2010.  
It's a contemporary look at what we consider to be the relevance of folk art today. A number of curators and artists have been invited to choose items they consider to be folk art and display them amongst other artefacts housed at the museum, i.e  lurking amidst portraits or sitting proudly next to a bronze.
Here's the bit where you can get involved and join in the debate... Compton Verney is inviting the public to submit images of what they consider folk art to be and load them onto their website. A number of these items & images will then be selected to go on display in the museum between March-December 2011. (I have 1-2 local 'curiosities' in mind, just need to get some decent shots!)

If you'd like to read more go to: www.comptonverney.org.uk


Compton Verney Museum looks interesting, especially for the exhibitions and its not too far from Cheltenham either. By the way would you say that Banksy and other stencil type graffiti art that seems to have sprung up everywhere is the new folk art? Just a thought!
Murgatroyd said…
Hi VK,
Infact, there are 1-2 graphitti images included in the 'What the Folk Say' Flikr stream.
Yes, I would agree that the stencil art we now see so much of is folk art. Judging by the queues to see his exhibition last year, I think in many ways Banksy's work has been embraced more readily by the general public (or the 'Folk') than the art establishment. It's accessability also makes it prime for people to copy.
There are some great bits of stencil art around Great Malvern if you keep your eyes out. I also remember some humourous bits dotted around Cheltenham where the new Habitat is, sadly painted over now.
Do pay Compton Verney a visit, I think with your style sensibilities you'll like it! :)
(Phew, I do go on!)
sam.skillings said…
Happy to hear that news about the What the Folk Say exhibition is getting out. At the moment we're just asking for online submissions of images from you. The exhibition itself doesn't open until 26 March 2011 and then runs until 11 December 2011. In the meantime please come along and be inspired by our British Folk Art collection.
For full details check out our new website www.comptonverney.org.uk