'Crucible' at Gloucester Cathedral

'Cloaked Figure' by Lynn Chadwick

Described in the publicity as, 'the sculpture exhibition of the decade', 'CRUCIBLE' at Gloucester Cathedral comes to an end this Sunday, 7th November 2010. 
I visited the exhibition this week with no idea of the scale of it. Over 75 pieces of work by 48 (mostly) British artists such as Lyn Chadwick, Antony Gormley, Sarah Lucas & David Nash. All pieces were made in Gloucestershire, many at Pangolin Editions foundry in Stroud's Five Valleys.
The sculptures are spread throughout the whole of the Cathedral, many are huge like Phillip King's, 'It's a Swell Day for Stormy Petrels', or Paolozzi's 'Vulcan', other's surprise you as you turn a corner; 'Dripping' by David Behar-Perahia was beautifully atmospheric and unexpected.
Gloucester Cathedral, itself a treasure trove of fascinating icons and artifacts, was the perfect setting for such an exhibition. On the afternoon I was there I had the added bonus of a musical backdrop provided by the male choir's practice session. Magical. I'd love to see more sculpture collaborations like this in Cathedrals in the future.

I really would recommend a visit - catch it while you can. Although this is a FREE exhibition, there is a suggested donation fee of £5 if you wish to take photo's. It will be money well spent! 

'Shrine of Daedalus' by Bryan Kneale

'Waiting for Godot' by Marc Quinn

'Nike' by Marcus Harvey

'White Mobile' 1 & 2 by Daniel Chadwick