A Night in the Museum Storeroom - part 1

Birmingham Museum Collections Centre is a fabulous place at the best of times but even more so last Friday when it flung open it's doors to host a splendidly, spooky, dimly lit, Halloween evening of cobwebs & artifacts. 
The carefully constructed displays showed a lot of imagination and a great sense of humour; bone relics sat next to victorian street signs. Fossilised coral 'brains' nestled against a Sinclair C5. A taxidermied vulture sat atop an ancient dentist chair. Headless dolls sat on vintage train sets covered in cobwebs. Brilliantly surreal stuff. I was incredulous at seeing so many stuffed animals of all sizes in one place. These photo's don't really do justice to the atmosphere or objects on show, but they'll give you a glimpse of what was on offer. I bet the curators at BMCC had a lot of fun creating those tableaux!
Glassy-eyed ship's figure head (too much rum?)

Dolly looks a bit peaky...

The Museum Collections Centre, Dollmans Street, Birmingham, is only open to the public on Open Days or you can book a place on one of their monthly guided tours which take place on the last Friday of the month, click HERE for more details.   

If you have the time it really is worth a visit.

In keeping with the 'spooky' theme, later this month Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery will host "The Witching Hour" exhibition in it's Waterhall gallery. This very short exhibition (11th-14th November) has been curated by Matthew Collins & Matt price and explores 'dark things', folklore and the supernatural as seen through the eyes of artists from, or connected to, Birmingham.    


I'm okay with taxidermy as Dad used to have a few cases of stuffed badgers, stoats and birds when I was little so I've grown up with them, but that nun's head and the doll are well creepy.
holly aka golly said…
Love it all! Wish I could have been there!
Murgatroyd said…
I know it may not be very PC but I do love a bit of taxidermy! There were a couple of splendid stuffed badger examples in the collection VK. Yes, the nun's head was quite chilling to come across unexpectedly in the gloom...!

(Hi Holly!)