'The Cheeses'

Had a rather lovely surprise today. Sifting through some boxes of fabric in a charity shop I found a few metres of a vintage floral design, suitable for a forthcoming project, wrapped in clear plastic. It looked to be in excellent condition so I didn't unwrap it.
At home, parcel unwrapped, what should I find printed at the bottom of the fabric but the World War Two CC41 logo! (A.K.A. 'The Cheeses')
Um, now the dilema of 'to cut or not to cut'? 

Here'a link to the Home Front website & an article on clothes rationing & the CC41 logo



You lucky thing - but I feel for your dilemma as I would be thinking the same thing too. I would save it for a special project(s) but keep in mind that WWII thriftyness and save every scrap. Such a brilliant find!
Just had another thought - perhaps you could incorporate the cheeses mark into a project as a focal point?
Fanny Pinkleton said…
Hmm. Because the piece is of such historical interest, I wouldn't cut it, couldn't. But then again, it could make such a pretty dress?
Murgatroyd said…
Um, it's a tricky one, although I do like the idea of incorporating the logo into a project VK.
A colleague informs me that she is still using the CC41 sheets she had as a child - and they're still going strong. Crickey!

I'll ponder a little longer...