Bawden in the Park

I really should have mentioned this exhibition earlier and, alas, it has now ended. 
Stroud's Museum in the Park hosted an exhibition of the printed work of father & son, Edward & Richard Bawden, last month. It was great to have the chance to see both artists exhibited together (I don't know if this has been done before?). Some of the Edward Bawden original prints were showing their age & delicacy, but were nonetheless interesting for it. 
Here's a wee taste of what was on offer...

Richard Bawden's work below...

 I was tickled to find that The Vintage Knitter had been there before me ...the clue was in the the Comments Book!


I'm glad you made it, I wondered whether you popped over to Stroud. Its an amazing exhibition isn't it? Hopefully, it'll be a taste of whats to come, with some more 'exclusive' exhibitions.
Murgatroyd said…
Yes, it was a smashing exhibition. Thank you again for the tip-off.
The International Textiles Festival starts at the end of this month with the major pieces of work being hung at M.I.T.P.... Of interest??
Yes, I'll keep an eye open at the MITP for the exhibition schedule.