Brief Encounter

Currently busy working a project which is using this film as inspiration so it's on my mind. 
This is a contemporary trailer which has been made all the more romantic with it's choice of splicing and music. 
Just adore those Celia Johnson's hats and lapels... 


This is one of my all time favourite films; its a good Sunday afternoon film, accompanied with a blazing fire and a pot of tea.

P.S. I enjoyed reading 'To Bed With Grand Music', it was good to have a central character as an anti-hero. By the way, have you read 'Good Evening, Mrs Craven: the Wartime Stories of Mollie Panter-Downes'? That's another good read. I'm a big Persephone book fan, they produce just the sort of fiction I like to read.
Murgatroyd said…
De rigeur with tea & fire!
Yes, I have 'Good Evening Mrs Craven' in my ever growing collection of Persphone books. Love 'em. Have you read 'William' by Cecily Hamilton? I've only read it once and found it very powerful. Too nervous to read it again incase it doesn't have the same impact :$
No, I've never read that book. The last Persphone I brought was 'High Wages' by Dorothy Whipple, which was a super read.