Spotted this piece of stenciled graffiti on the wall of butcher V.W.Lane on Bath Road in Cheltenham at the weekend. Raised a smile...


not sure i would call it graffiti.....but, then, what is?
Murgatroyd said…
I love finding these little stenciled images - they pop up all over the place in England. Are they a common sight in Canada too FF?
He always makes me smile - a very inspired piece of grafitti far superior in comparison to the 'tags' sprayed on walls etc. by the local numbskulls!
When I visited my brother in Brooklyn there were lots of very clever wall art. Some of it really made me stop and think! great artists too, and certainly they had given lots of thought to the design. I remember one was manhole with a monster coming out and cracks all around.

Lorraine :-}
Murgatroyd said…
Like the sound of those Lorraine - any photo's to share?