Greyhounds at Full Stretch by John Skeaping

 In celebration of the the smashing time I had at the weekend studying the John Skeaping sculptures at The Hepworth Wakefield. Look at those sinuous lines...


His drawings are so effortless; you certainly get the impression of those lithe limbs moving and streamlined motion, don't you?
Murgatroyd said…
Definitely! I love his animals in motion. Have you seen the horse print he did for the 1940's School Print series? If not have a look here:
Yes I have, although I brought Barbara Jones' 'Fairground' print instead. It has a certain eeriness to it, especially in the shadows, that I like. I wouldn't mind John Nash's 'Harvesting' either, but that'll have to remain on the wishlist for now.
Murgatroyd said…
Spooky - the Jones print is one of my favourites too. However, I plumped for Harlequinade by Clarke Hutton (with it's eerie formation of characters).
That's just reminded me of something Mark Gatiss said on 'Desert Island Discs' about having had such a sunny childhood meant that occasionally he liked to step into the shadows. I'm not sure what that says about our choice of prints VK!?!
I like that quote :-)
Yes, I think that its a particularly apt quote for me too.