'The Beauty of Natural Objects'

 'Undergrowth' by Eliot Hodgkin (1905-1987) 1941
‘I like to show the beauty of things that no one looks at twice.’ 

 'Eight Feathers'
'Quail's Eggs' 1965

 Beautifully executed paintings by a British artist best known for his tempera work. Many thanks to Stephen Pentz over at 'First Known When Lost' blog for introducing me to this work. Calm equilibrium restored after a busy day.

Eliot Hodgkin in the Tate Collection HERE


If I were able to paint, that is what I would love to be able to make. But I can't, so will just have to enjoy this painting.

I'm also a huge fan of 'First Known When Lost', quite probably because of this blog.
Murgatroyd said…
S: Discovering the work of Eliot Hodgkin felt like uncovering a jewel. So glad that you enjoy the work too (and the link!).