Clean Cut or Beardy?

I'm no stranger to an event with some lively Morris Men bawdiness, however, it wasn't until last weekend's Wassail at a fruit farm in Worcestershire that I realised I actually had a preference for how 'earthy' I like them to be. The clean cut whites and neat tabards of troupes such as the Worcester Morris are not for me I fear. I'm not convinced of how commited they are to ribaldry, cat-a-wailing and pewter tankards. Give me the bearded variety with bawdy bells at the knee, fresh cow parsley in their hat and a face blackened with burnt cork.
What's your preference? 
Worcester's Faithful City Morris with the county's black pears upon their neat tabards

Leominster Morris (image from Bill Bradshaw's excellent cider blog HERE)

A wandering folk minstrel who wandered into shot, complete with albatros feather in his weathered hat. Spot the tankard - that's more like it!



James Russell said…
I have some great pics from the Big Apple festival in Much Marcle - I'll have to post them. Yes, Morris Dancers should be flamboyant, covered in greenery and clutching a pewter tankard that they've emptied several times. Otherwise, what fun are they?!
Murgatroyd said…
Exactly James! Clean white knee socks don't cut the mustard. I look forward to seeing your Big Apple pics.
I like them a bit rough around the edges too! A bit of bawdiness doesn't do any harm and adds to the 'rusticity' of the occasion.

Beards get a thumbs up from me too!