Dame Barbara in Action

Imagine my delight at finding this extract from a 1953 film about Barbara Hepworth at work in her sculpture garden in St Ives. The film is called, 'Figures in a Landscape' and the commentary is provided by poet Cecil Day-Lewis. If you are lucky enough to live near a BFI Mediatheque you can watch the full 17 minutes version free of charge...


James Russell said…
Wonderful film - the music is odd in the extreme and what great shots of BH's sculpture against the St Ives scene... hard to imagine she was the mother of triplets, but then they must have been about 20 by the time this was filmed. Thanks! You can see more of this film somewhere, but I can't for the life of me remember where
Katie B said…
Fantastic film! I love the BFI's productions from the 1950s, although I agree with James - they do have an 'interesting' choice of soundtrack! But i think they have some very delicate filming techniques too and I always enjoy their films, and with this one focusing on such an inspirational woman as Barbara (and beautiful landscape of St Ives) I have a new found favourite!

Thank you, I've really enjoyed exploring your blog!

Murgatroyd said…
Ha, ha, I wonder if they had any idea about the reaction the music would cause!
It's always a joy to dip into the BFI archive. I'm delighted that you have enjoyed this one as much as I did.
Yes, I believe her children would have been almost grown up by this time. Here we are almost 60 years later and BH's grand-daughter has been very active in the gifting of the Hepworth plasters to The Hepworth Wakefield (where it was a pleasure to meet her).
Thank you for your kind comments Katie. Hope the blog can continue to provide things to interest you.