Hidden Book Treasure No 12: Demonstrating Youth

To be precise, found in a stack of sheet music from the 1920's. Frustratingly no year on the leaflet.
Demonstrating a singing talent? Or singing to demonstrate unrest?

In lieu of answers to these questions...
The Gwyn Hall in Neath seems to hold a fond place in the hearts of the town's citizens. Originally built in 1887 using land & money from prominent local Victorian resident, Howel Gwyn, it was home to local council business and a large public hall. There would have been few local residents who had not been inside the building for some reason.
The public hall, as well as being host to a string of Victorian music hall stars, also saw David Lloyd George give a speech there and in 1889 Charles Dickens Junior gave a recital of his father's work.

In 2007, during the final weeks of renovations to the building, a fire broke out almost destroying the Hall completely. However, in March this year 2012, after four years of painstaking work, the Gwyn Hall is back, fully functioning. And guess what they chose to open the new season with? A youth concert...

You might note the date on the handbill and today's date. Pure, unplanned coincidence.