Wool Coat & Swimmers

The more you look at this photograph from the 1960's, the more you see.

A beehive which has survived a dip in the water. Postcard writing on the prom. Best coats & stilettos. OAP's chatting on a bench. Striped deckchair. Newly weds? A shadow with no body. A third leg...

Found on a shelf of postcards in a charity shop in Gloucestershire, sadly nothing has been written on the back of this photograph so no clues as to when or where it was taken. A mystery. A great basis for a short story perhaps?


nilly said…
Oh Happy Days!
I wish I could identify the place, but the nostalgia the photo evokes will do for now.
Murgatroyd said…
Hi Nilly.
Would love to know where this was taken. My first thought was a holiday camp but perhaps more likely a lido at a seaside resort? But where, but where?