A World Away near Bath

Busy elsewhere of late. As a peace offering here's a marvellous example of a Pedlar doll which lives in the grand house at Dryham Park, near Bath.
Talking of Dyrham, if you're planning a visit there between now & 28th October you will have the chance to see a selection of work from the Arts Council collection exhibited at the house, entited "A World Away".

'Interwoven among the famous collections amassed by William Blathwayt some 300 years ago, each new work has been selected to reflect both the importance of Blathwayt's role as financial administrator for the colonies and his passion for art.
The exhibition explores how Blathwayt’s career influenced the house he built as a showcase for his wealth and cosmopolitan taste, as well his perceptions of the world away from the haven of Dyrham Park.'
I'll admit to really enjoying the current trend for mixing contemporary art and sculpture within the confines of a historical backdrop or context such as this. Whilst I enjoyed 'A World Away', for me it didn't pack the punch of the 'House of Beasts' exhibition which opened at National Trust property, Attingham Park, last year and which you still have a fortnight to go & see (ends 15th July 2012).  
Some of the pieces on show on Dyrham disappeared amongst, or could not compete with, the grand items in the house. Perhaps this was the point? 
There was an interesting marriage of old & new, technology versus domestic craft in a small, 1994 piece by Cornelia Parker, 'Small Thought', which was formed from a printed curcuit board and silver components. 

Still a very 'look-worthy' exhibition and whilst you are there you can enjoy rummaging through the ecclectic collection of second hand books for sale in one of the kitchen chambers.  

For more details about Dyrham Park & the current exhibition click HERE


nilly said…
We may be able to visit this so thanks for the description. I only hope the modern "objets" don't clash with the antique too much, or Mr N will complain
Murgatroyd said…
Look forward to hearing what you think of the exhibition mix Nilly!