Another Black Eye?

In conjunction with the Museum of British Folklore, the Whitechapel Gallery in London is planning to host an archive display of the 1951, 'Black Eyes & Lemonade' exhibition, exploring Barbara Jones' approach to curating popular art. Although details are presently scant on the websites of both organisations involved, it's whispered that the exhibition is due to open next month, 9th March, and there's another chance to see the fireplace in the shape of an Airedale dog!  
Can't wait!


James Russell said…
I saw that listed too, but nothing more to report. Let us know if you see that dog!
nilly said…
I hope I can see this! In 2011 I met Simon Costin and toured his museum in a caravan while my sister-in-law performed a Goth Morris dance in deepest Yorkshire. A happy day!
Murgatroyd said…
Nilly - you couldn't make that story up! Excellent stuff. Fingers crossed we'll all get to see the exhibition in person.